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When it comes to staying energized and healthy, proper hydration is absolutely crucial. Studies suggest that drinking enough water can positively impact mental health by reducing depression and anxiety1 . In other words, there's never been more reason to drink up—and we even have tips to help you do that! One easy trick? Keeping one of the best smart water bottles on hand. Jam Jars With Lids

The Best Smart Water Bottles Of 2023 + An RD's Tips For How To Choose | mindbodygreen

Investing in a smart water bottle will help you reach your hydration goals with ease, but the number of options can get overwhelming (to say the least). To keep your shopping experience as efficient and informed as possible, we spoke with experts, researched the plethora of options, and rounded up the best smart water bottles of 2023. So all you have to do is pick the best one for you—and you'll be on your way to a healthier body and mind.

According to Alison Graziano, R.D., a smart water bottle uses advanced technology to help you drink more water.

"A smart water bottle combines a typical reusable water bottle with technology, to improve hydration and health," Graziano explains. "The technology [that smart water bottles use] can vary from notifications reminding you to drink, self-cleaning UV lights, or the ability to track your hydration progress with Bluetooth connectivity to your phone."

Some smart water bottles are even compatible with third-party fitness apps such as Apple Health, FitBit, and Garmin—which is a major plus since staying properly hydrated can boost workout performance2 .

Anyone seeking extra help in upping their hydration could benefit from using a smart water bottle, according to Graziano—especially if your regular water bottle is no longer cutting it.

"If you find you need reminders to drink or are constantly on the go and forget to drink water, you might really benefit from a smart water bottle," Graziano says. "The UV cleaning features of some water bottles may also be helpful for those camping or spending time outdoors where clean, well-filtered water may not be available."

Not all smart water bottles are self-cleaning, but many options on our list have this capability. Typically, self-cleaning water bottles use UV-C light technology to sterilize the water and kill any viruses, bacteria, or microorganisms. If utilized correctly, studies have shown this to be an effective method for disinfecting water3 . Before choosing a self-cleaning water bottle, pay attention to what the brand says about the cleaning methods, how often the self-cleaning system runs, how long it takes, and whether or not it is automatic or manual. It’s also important to note that self-cleaning water bottles do still need to be cleaned. Most brands’ websites have a recommended cleaning frequency.

Graziano says this really comes down to preference, lifestyle, and desires. "If your main goal is to increase hydration, look for a smart bottle that gives you regular reminders through vibration, lights, or sounds to sip," she advises.

On the other hand, Graziano says, "If you geek out over data and love to track your health metrics, a bottle that allows you to track your water progress over the day and integrates with your other fitness apps is likely a good fit."

For those who have no issues meeting their hydration needs but find frequent washing to be a hassle, Graziano suggests looking for a bottle with self-cleaning capabilities.

It's also important to consider materials when choosing the best smart water bottle for you. Look for a water bottle that's light, durable, and most importantly, BPA-free. BPAs have been linked to several health concerns including endocrine and hormonal issues, such as fertility problems, high blood pressure, and Type 2 diabetes. The two best materials for water bottles are stainless steel and glass, though they might be slightly heavier than plastic bottles.

Think about your daily routines and lifestyle and how often you'll have access to refill your water bottle. This will help you determine what size will be best for you. If you're carrying it around with you a lot, you'll probably want something on the lighter side.

As Gaziano rightly pointed out, there are many features available. Consider your top desires in a smart water bottle, and determine which options meet your needs.

Keeping our expert input in mind, we selected smart water bottles made from high-quality, BPA-free materials, prioritizing stainless steel and glass bottles.

Knowing everyone’s lifestyle and preferences are different, we chose water bottles at varying capacities, with some options for easy portability, and others that will require less refills throughout the day.

We paid attention to the features each water bottle offers and used these to make our top choices. We've called out noteworthy technology to help you determine which water bottle best meets your needs.

We chose smart water bottles at various price points so you can find one that suits your budget the best.

A great pick overall, this smart water bottle features a fun, glowy color that lights up to remind you to take a water break. You can choose from a chug or straw lid, depending on your consumption preference. The water bottle also connects via Bluetooth to the brand’s app, which is available for iOS and Android. Through the app, you’ll be able to receive push notifications, if desired. The app is also compatible with Apple Watch, Fitbit, and Garmin.

Reviewers praise this water bottle’s sturdiness, sleek style, and fun glowing feature. Many customers note the long battery life, and how easy the app is to use. While the bottle is not dishwasher safe, users say it is easy to clean.

A lightweight option that cleans your water in just 60 seconds, this is a great choice for someone who’s on the go but wants to keep their water clean. It contains the brand’s proprietary UVC LED light to destroy any viruses, bacteria, or other contaminants. The technology automatically runs every two hours, so you never have to worry about remembering to prompt it.

What's more, one charge lasts for an entire month (yes, seriously!). On the downside, this water bottle does not have hydration reminders, so if you’re looking for a bottle to keep you accountable, you’ll likely want another option.

What our editor says: "Living in the city, I don't always know what I'm going to get at the variety of water fountains and faucets I use, which is why I wanted a LARQ bottle. The self-cleaning feature meant I could sip fresh water no matter where I bop around to, and it's pretty sleek looking, too. My only complaint is the 17 ounce version can be a tad small for my lifestyle." — Hannah Margaret Allen, executive editor

Another UV-powered option, this water bottle removes impurities such as bacteria and unwanted microorganisms, with purifying cycles that automatically run every four hours. If that’s not often enough, you can tap the cap to activate the cleaning cycle at any time.

It’s made from stainless steel, so it’s safe and sustainable. With double-walled vacuum insulation, your water will stay cold for 12 hours, and hot for 16. The brand offers a lifetime warranty, so you’ll have this one with you for the long haul.

Customers praise how durable this water bottle is, with a lot of appreciation for the multitude of colors it comes in. Like many others, the bottle hand wash only—so those looking to shove it in the dishwasher will sadly be disappointed.

One of the few options that come with a detachable, portable Bluetooth speaker, this water bottle is sure to get the hydration party started. The speakers provide about six hours of play on each full charge. Because the water bottle syncs to your phone, it can be used to answer calls as well.

Although 16 ounces might be a little small for some, the bottle itself contains double-wall insulated steel technology to keep liquids cold for 24 hours and hot for 14. It's got a convenient carry loop on the lid as well.

Users really rave about the impressive sound quality the portable speaker has. One parent writes, “I bought this for my son-in-law for his birthday. He loves to spend Sundays in his pool with music and an adult beverage! This is absolutely wonderful, and if you don't feel like having the speaker near you, it unscrews and can sit on the water's edge. Perfect gift for the man who can afford to buy himself anything.”

While this water bottle is not entirely as durable as other options on this list, the pros outweigh the cons. It will stay clean for up to 30 days, and, excluding the cap, it’s entirely dishwasher-safe. This bottle is equipped with UV-C LED technology to disinfect your water (much like the other options on this list), with the added bonus of removing any and all odor or mold from your bottle. The brand says this keeps your bottle clean for an entire month.

Reviewers praise the vacuum-insulated stainless-steel exterior of this bottle that keeps drinks cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 12, as well as the magnetic USB port and rechargeable battery, which give the bottle a full charge within 90 minutes. Customers say the bottle is “super light,” “very sturdy,” and that they “feel much better than drinking normal unfiltered water.” One goes as far as to say they are, “never going back to non-UV bottles.”

Using a unique technology to infuse your water with extra hydrogen, this company says this water bottle helps to reduce oxidative stress and help respiration. Those claims aside, the stylish, silver, and glass exterior gives this bottle a unique appearance that would look great on any countertop. It’s free from all toxins and BPAs, and the insulated double wall keeps water cold for up to 12 hours.

Just note, this isn’t the bottle for you if you need hydration reminders. Additionally, according to some users, the ionization tech causes leakage if the lid isn’t screwed on tight enough.

This water bottle has over 1,000 ratings, with many rave reviews that primarily sound a lot like this one: “I have to say I am not a water drinker at all! I have to force myself most of the time to drink it. However, I am drinking plenty of this water all day. I don't know if it is just me, (I don't think so) but the water tastes SO much better after cycling it through this bottle! I read reviews where others stated it made the water taste much better, but I did not think that was possible!”

Another option that comes equipped with a speaker, this water bottle glows with rainbow-colored lights every hour to remind you to drink up. Unfortunately, it doesn’t track your water intake, so if you enjoy tracking how much water you’ve had, this isn’t the best bottle for you.

Still, the speaker connects to any device via Bluetooth, and users really love the fun lights and affordable pricing, awarding it 4.4 out of 5 stars overall, across 400 ratings. People say they are surprised by how clear and loud the speaker is, pointing out that it can be heard a few rooms away.

This super cool smart water bottle doubles as a portable charger and can be used to charge your phone up to two times per each single charge on the bottle. The built-in 5700mAh Li-Ion battery is waterproof and can be easily removed when it’s time to clean the bottle (which, by the way, is dishwasher safe!).

The water bottle’s design helps to keep liquids cold for 36 hours or hot for up to 14, thanks to the double-layered vacuum-insulated body. It’s lightweight and portable but does only hold 17 ounces of liquid, so you’ll likely be refilling this more often than larger options.

Customers say this water bottle is “so convenient” and keeps their water cold for long periods of time. People love the phone charging capabilities, too, especially when they’re on the go.

According to Graziano, the best smart water bottle is the one you'll remember to use and one that matches your needs. "That could be a Bluetooth-enabled one to take with you on long runs or a water bottle that syncs with an app to remind you to drink water, should you need it," she says.

Again, this totally depends on your unique goals and needs, Graziano insists. "If you already meet your estimated hydration needs on a consistent basis without a smart water bottle, it probably isn't worth the splurge." Alternatively, if you aren't already in the habit of carrying around a reusable water bottle or you simply dislike the taste of water, a smart water bottle won't be much help. If you already carry around a water bottle but often forget to use it, the reminders the smart water bottles provide may be helpful.

In terms of materials that are the healthiest, you should make sure that the water bottle you use is durable and free of toxic materials. If the bottle is plastic, that means ensuring that it's BPA-free. Even better, consider a stainless steel or glass option instead.

If used correctly, a smart water bottle can help you hit your hydration goals—especially if you find the additional tech to be worth it. Can't stay on top of your water goals? Add these hydrating foods to your diet for an extra boost. And if you choose a water bottle that doesn't track your intake, you might consider investing in a journal to keep track on your own.

The Best Smart Water Bottles Of 2023 + An RD's Tips For How To Choose | mindbodygreen

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